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My Wish: Don't Get Swept Away as a Teen, by Dave Boon


Oh, The Places You Will Go: The Road to Uncommon Success

Students and faculty alike rate this as an exceptionally motivating presentation. Utilizing four key steps of success (Dreams, Personal Initiative, Mentors and Perseverance) you will be well on your way. A favorite part of this presentation or seminar is the development of “Your Life List.” Great stories of success including Thomas Edison, Maya Lin, Shaq, Ellen Ochoa, Howad Schultz, Dave Thomas, Chris Klug, Steve Smith, Bethany Hamilton, and many, many more make this a highly energized and motivational presentation.

A Spirit of Adventure: Having a Zest for Life

Life should be fun – so why do we get so “caught up.” So caught up earning a living, raising a family, and dealing with all the day to day things in our lives that we have lost the passion for adventure and have no zest left in our lives. This presentation or workshop helps rekindle that flame and shows you ways to get excited and get back on the track for worldwide excitement.

Perseverance: Keep On Keeping On

Thomas Edison should be crowned the “Father of Perseverance” -- After a thousand, or several thousand, experiments that did not produce the result he was seeking, Edison, would just say, “Well we’re making progress — we now know a thousand ways it can’t be done. We’re that much closer to getting there.” He knew the answer was “out there” and he knew the more he tried and failed the closer he was. How can someone, keep on keeping on and have that level of perseverance in the face of not dozens, or hundreds, but thousands of set backs, dead ends and seemingly endless failures? We will learn from Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Smith, Michael Jordon, and Bethany Hamilton.

Personal Initiative: Doing The Right Thing Without Being Told

The biggest prizes both in money and honors goes to those with personal initiative. Businesses, government and non-government organizations are all looking for individuals with this trait – unfortunately not many individuals have personal initiative. Elbert Hubbard wrote A Message to Garcia on February 22, 1899 in one hour after dinner, in one hour. It was published in the March 1900 issue of Philistine. By 1913 it had been translated into over 10 different languages and over 40 million copies had been printed. A copy was given to every employee of the Japanese Government, and to every soldier and railroad employee in Russia. A quick study of personal initiative and a Message to Garcia will light a fire under our seats and teach us some valuable lessons in personal initiative.

Vision and Creativity: Seeing What Others Don’t

Creative vision is needed today more than ever. How did Robert Goddard and Charles Lindbergh, in 1929, envision a future with rockets propelling spaceships to the moon when the top scientists and engineers in the world said it couldn’t be done? Why did Bill Gates see a future filled with computers when others didn’t? How did Howard Schultz come up with the idea that became Starbucks? We’ll learn from all of these individuals as well as from Albert Einstein on how to increase our vision and creativity. Why – because great success always starts with a vision!

Mentors: The Power of Association

The people you associate with a have a powerful influence on your decisions, on your level of commitment and ultimately on your success. In many areas of your life, mentors can provide you with a shortcut to success. As Napoleon Hill said; “All who have acquired enduring riches have done it with two out stretch hands -- one reaching upward to receive help the other reaching downward to aid those still climbing.”

Are You Earning a Living or Designing a Life: How To Make Your Dreams Come True!

We all get caught up – caught up earning a living and raising a family. So what ever happened to all those dreams we used to have? What’s really important to you? Most people will tell you what they don’t want but few can tell you what they do want. The individuals that can describe in detail what they want are the ones that are “designing a life” and creating a road to lifelong success. We will conduct a personal checkup in this seminar and create a personal plan, a customized road map so you will no longer be just earning a living but designing a life.

The Secret to Never Growing Old

Ellie Newton broke her hip at the age of 99 and at the age of 100 walked to the podium at the Florida State Capital to receive an award from the Governor of Florida. What are the things we can do and what are the tricks to staying young and never growing old? We will explore those secrets during this presentation and/or workshop -- if I told you now it wouldn’t be a secret.

What’s Really Important: The 12 Riches of Life

Napoleon Hill first talked about the 12 riches over 50 years ago and we still haven’t fully embraced his teachings. Dave Boon along with Jim Newton’s uncommon friends (Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Dr. Carrel, and Charles Lindbergh) and others, will help you put things back in perspective and get you on track to a full and rich life.

We All Get 24hrs: Get More Time and Money for the Things You Want

So, how do you spend your free time? We always seem to make time for what’s really important to us —– watching specific shows or sports events on TV, supporting our children or friends in their activities, or attending that important social event. The difference in how you spend your spare time is a key to success. It can made winners out of losers, wealthy individuals out of the poor, leaders out of followers, happy individuals out of depressed individuals. This seminar provides the motivation and tools to help you get more time and money for the things you want.