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My Wish: Don't Get Swept Away as a Teen, by Dave Boon

Partial Client List

Businesses: Holland & Hart Law Firm, AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Symbios Logic, Coors, Public Service of Colorado (Excel)

Federal Government Agencies: US Department of Defense, US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Interior - National Park Service, US Department of Interior - Bureau of Reclamation

City/County/State Agencies: City and County of Denver, City of Loveland, Montgomery County, Larimer County, FL DOT, Dade County, TN DOT, CDPHE

Academic and Non-Profit Organizations: Lee County School District, Fort Collins HS, Rocky Mountain HS, Poudre School District, Alamosa School District, HOPE Colorado, Boys and Girls Clubs, I Have a Dream Foundation, Edison College, Florida Gulf Coast University, Colorado State University, Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, Daniels School of Business at the University of Denver, Christopher Newport University

What They Say About Dave

“Thanks for sharing my story. Your passion for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County is molding the next generation. Keep up the great work.”
Vonetta Flowers, 2002 Olympic Gold Medalist

What College Students Say...

“My Wish is incredible and inspiring. From pre-teens to young adults Dave's stories send a message for hope, a love of life, and a path towards happiness. Dave's honest and humanitarian spirit leaves you humble and appreciative. This book will make a difference for many kid’s lives.”
Melissa Y., University of Denver (freshman)

“Each section powerfully compiles a kernel of wisdom with a relatable story and challenges teens to actively reflect upon their own experiences. Even as a young adult, I found this book to have profound implications in my own life, and experimenting with some of the book's suggested exercises, have already experienced surprisingly concrete results in my own emotional well-being.”
Rick R., Stanford University (sophomore)

What Authors Say...

“Every, and I mean every kid 10 years and older should read your book. The world is obviously a better place because you are in it!”
Ernie Carwile, Author and Creator of The Maxwell Winston Stone Series

What Parents and Grandparents Say...

“Parents, teachers, coaches and others who work with teens will find this information equally valuable. My teen daughter read it in an afternoon and gave it two thumbs up. It has opened the door to some good discussions between us since. Bottom line: This is a straight-talking, practical, encouraging and inspiring life manual recommended for anyone who is a teenager or cares about one.”
Kathleen, Parent of a teen daughter

“If every teen reading it could just hook onto even ONE idea that you present, that would be wonderful. Every parent needs to learn the lesson Denali taught you when she was four … and every grandparent! I think I shall sit down and write a Bucket List.”
Rose, Grandparent of several teens

What High School Students Say About His Presentations...

Dave Boon was INCREDIBLE!

Dave Boon rocks - Bring him back!

WOW! Most inspirational speaker I have ever heard.

What Teachers Say About His Presentations …

The best speaker I have heard in a long time-- I want him for a mentor

Heartfelt passion and very motivational

Great, dynamic speaker with excellent materials -- Inspiring and informative